NowHaus 2016

NowHaus, 2016

Bamboo Construction with Mixed Media

'Nowhaus' is a period of architecture created by Year 4 children at St Joseph’s RCVA. The work is inspired by The Shipley's collections and developed through a series of playful design, craft and technology sessions designed and delivered by Chalk. Year 4 explored and examined the rich collection of work at the gallery and then combined both emerging technologies and physical making to craft their own design era, 'NowHaus'. Throughout the project children experimented and played with recycled and re-purposed materials ensuring a culture of sustainability is at the heart of the ‘NowHaus’.

The class wanted the structure to have 'rooms', 'sense of place' and 'order' and thus the idea emerged that the structure should be made up of a series of clear spaces with defined themes. The modular structure of the NowHaus allowed the flux from familiar to imaginary within the parametres of a ‘house-like’ structure.

The sessions concluded with a collaborative build of a life size NowHaus where children created this living house filled with their own objects and designs; 3D prints, fabric printed cushions and curtains, self portraits.

Small Cube Series

Winter Wonderland Cube, 2016. Bamboo Construction with Mixed Media                              Riley, Ellis, Temitope, Joe, Damien, Daniel


“Based on Winter, we used wool, wood, fairy lights and silver ribbon. The builders were Ellis, Temitope, Damien, Joe, Daniel and Riley. We used wool for the snow and we used two stars for each side so it’s symmetrical. The silver ribbon is the snow dropping down. We used string to hang the stars in the middle. It took us 1 and a half hours to make it, we wrapped wool around the bamboo.”

Monstrous Mess Cube, 2016. Bamboo Construction with Mixed Media                                   Toby, Ella, Shay, Shea, Lacy, Ne-Yo

“This is our Monstrous Mess Cube. This is all made out of string, ribbons and wool. We pulled the wool round the cube to make a cube of string, our inspiration was a spider web. Spider webs are messy stuff and are quite strong like our cube. It will be really hard to break, if you try you will get tangled. We used big string to wrap it round. In the middle you can rest and read a book, you can also lean back on the string and rest for hours.”

Candyland, 2016. Bamboo Construction with Mixed Media                                                     Ruby, Rebecca, Ellie, Patsy

“We have made a Candyland because it reminds us about candy and chocolate! We have made candy trees, licorice, chocolate, cotton candy and lollipops. It looks so delicious! We used polystyrene, fluff, tinsel and fuzzy trees! Most importantly pom poms! The flavour of the snow is bubble gum, the flavour of the lollipops are cherry, raspberry, blackberry and blueberry. The flavour of the cotton candy is strawberry, the flavour of the licorice is blackberry and apple.”

Disco Ball Cube, 2016. Bamboo Construction with Mixed Media                                           Kristie, Soliana, Tanisha, Ledion, Thomas

“We made the Disco Ball Cube. We made it by getting silver squares and ribbon. We made it by sticking every square and drawing pictures representing what we liked. We all like the dangly curtain bit. A few pictures were an X-Box 360, Mario, the Italian Flag and all our names. Now, we are going to put it up on the top of the highest cube.”

Shark Tank Room, 2016. Bamboo Construction with Mixed Media                                            Kyle, Divine, Armari, Leland, George, Ruby-Mae

“This is the Shark Tank Room. We made it with lots and lots of bits. It has a wooden shark called Jaws. There is a shipwreck with a skeleton in. There is a big jellyfish. It’s got windows and glittery string hanging up. There is lots of fish and one dead one. The frame is made from bamboo. It’s awesome!”

Artists: Riley, Ellis, Temitope, Joe, Damien, Daniel, Toby, Ella, Shay, Shea, Lacy, Ne-Yo, Ruby, Rebecca, Ellie, Patsy, Kristie, Soliana, Tanisha, Ledion, Thomas, Kyle, Divine, Armari, Leland, George, Ruby-Mae, Robyn, Diego. Supported by Chalk

You can see pictures from the NowHaus rave here