NowHaus Session Four

NowHaus Session Four

Session four was the last one before the 'big build'. The aim of this session was to explore and discuss the final building process, what kinds of structures will work both aesthetically and practically and what the culmination of the learning process will look like as a gallery installation. The children worked in pairs to design a maquette of their dream room, channeling their ideas and creating miniature prototypes.

The Discussion – what shape will it be?

The session began, with a whole class discussion about structure and shape of the final build. We talked through ideas for the final build what it will look like based on their designs and work over the last three weeks, what the restrictions are in terms of assembling a safe structure in a public place and physically building the structure with the children being part of that process. There was a large discussion around walls being made of out of chocolate, slides coming out of the Shipley Art Gallery and would they be able to take the NowHaus home!

By looking at the work the class had produced individually and as a whole, there were a reoccurring themes of 'rooms', 'sense of place', 'order'. The idea emerged that the structure should be made up of a series of clear spaces with different themes and so with that in mind, the idea of the modular structure was decided.

Maquette Making

We chatted about maquettes, what they are used for in the design world and how the children's models will be used as part of the NowHaus project. The children got chance to make physical maquettes with straws and Playmags as well as creating maquettes online via TinkerCAD software.

Dream Rooms
The children worked in pairs to design their own 'dream room', it can really could be whatever they wanted, whether this was completely abstract or very prescriptive, using a large array of materials provided. The ideas, as we expected, were bright and bold ,vast and imaginative, here are just a few:

  • The icicle room – 'watch out for falling icicles!'

  • The drawing room – 'you can draw on every wall and every piece of furniture'

  • The zoo aquarium – 'penguins, polar bears, seals live in here and you can see them all from the outside' (this sparked a huge debate about the difference between a seal and a sea lion!)

  • The spiders web room – 'you have to crawl under the web to get out”

  • The shark tank – complete with boats, treasure chests, and of course, sharks!

  • The messy room – 'then I never have to tidy it!'

Maquette Critique

Children presented their designs and explained what they've made and why. The class can asked each other questions and discussed how they would make their idea on a larger scale and what materials they would use. Now all we have to do is build the NowHaus!