NowHaus Session Three

In session three, we investigated the purpose of objects as well as exploring the use of pattern in design and interiors. The group looked at and tried 3D printing, the different software which can be used, as well as the materials and the process involved. We looked at a craft based approach to design by focusing on print making, looking at printing onto different surfaces and textiles using a large variety of print blocks, materials and ideas. The children tried their hand at weaving using string, material and ribbons. The products created in this session will form part of the final installation.

3D Printing

Expert Cay Green joined us to lead the 3D printing workshop. She bought in the 3D printer which was met with whoops, wows and a shout of 'it looks like a time machine!' when the children arrived. Cay gave the group a short presentation which examined what 3D printing is, examples of printed objects, different materials that can be used and how the process worked.

Children then worked in pairs to design their own objects to print out using Shapeshifter. The printed items will be revealed at session in a couple of weeks and displayed as part of the NowHaus installation.

Printmaking station

Children got down and messy as they explored pattern making techniques. Large rolls of plain textured wallpaper, fabric, textiles and thick paper were laid out in the space for the children to experiment with. They were encourage to think about how printing changes from surface to surface as well as looking at overlaying shapes and experimenting with colour. Pre strung rolling pins, pattern blocks, natural materials (poppy heads, twigs and acorns), as well as a materials box were available for the children to utilise to make stamps of their own. We discussed print making in design and architecture as the class designed their own wallpaper to and fabric to be used and displayed as part of the NowHaus.

Wall and Window design using textiles

The group were given triangular and circular frames to investigate the wall and window design. These shapes were chosen as the children discussed the idea of having 'different shaped' windows and walls in an earlier session. Individually, in pairs and in teams, the children worked together to fill the frames with different materials (linking back to session one, where they looked through telescopes at the Shipley). They explored the way vision can be distorted and altered as well as the purpose of windows and throughways. The children learnt weaving techniques and how this differed when working with a range of materials. The results were great, one team looked at how if they weaved the material tight enough the frame may be strong enough to form a seat which would hang from the ceiling!

We reinvestigated having a tunnel in the final build and where this would feature. The children developed ideas around being able to 'look out at people, but they can't see in!' by designing telescopes and secret peeping points! The group also look at entranceways and how you might get through the door, if indeed you need a door. 

NowHaus logo design

In an earlier session one of the children had said the house should have it's own logo. We set the children a task of coming up with ideas for this and designing their own individual logos. The results of which will be incorporated into the final build.

The next session will focus on blueprints.