We're building a house!



Part of Juice Festival 2016, supported by Tyne and Wear Museums and hosted by The Shipley Art Gallery, we're working with Year 4 at St Joseph's RCVA in Gateshead to design and build a house!

The 'Nowhaus' project will support children to create their own brand new style of architecture and design inspired by The Shipley's collections and developed through a series of playful design, craft and technology sessions. They will explore and examine the rich collection of work at the gallery and then combine both emerging technologies and physical making to craft their own design era, 'NowHaus'. Throughout the project children will experiment and play with recycled and re-purposed materials ensuring a culture of sustainability is at the heart of the Nowhaus. The sessions will conclude with a collaborative build of a life size NowHaus! where children will create a living house filled with their own objects and designs.