We create fun, immersive, accessible cultural events for young children and their families.


Welcome to a world of make believe with Cineplay, our programme of immersive, playful, cinematic fun for all ages. Take a trip into space, learn how to tame a lion, explore new worlds! All of our events are carefully designed with the whole family in mind, you'll all be able to take part in workshops, create wonders and above all, watch a darn good film.


Science, coding, technology, construction and beyond! Our PlayLab series will see you making, breaking, building and exploring! From spaghetti challenges to scratch Lego, mapping cities to Raspberry Pi. 


Love live music? Don't go to enough gigs? Snap! We are programming gigs that you would want to go to, but you can bring your kids along so they can hear bands and music you love too. Just like a normal gig, but slightly quieter. Same amount of dancing, fist pumping and head nodding.